Kelly Clarkson’s Kids Maybe Didn’t Love Reba McEntire’s Christmas Gifts She Got Them


For those keeping score, Reba McEntire is the grandmother to Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s children. At this point, the family history is a little messy after Reba’s divorce, but we know they’re still family.

And, it turns out– Reba spent Christmas with Kelly, Brandon and their four kids. During an interview with E!, Reba shared that maybe, Kelly’s youngest kids– River and Remington— may not have loved the presents she bought for them.

“We spent Christmas together with all four kids… cute as a button. What I gave River and what I gave Remington, they opened them up and then they swapped,” she shared. I mean, kids are kids, but if Reba McEntire gives you a gift, you take it.

Reba also shared that Kelly doesn’t ask her for advice as much as she used to, “no, no. She’s so busy she doesn’t have time to ask me for advice.”

Again, if Reba McEntire is your mother-in-law, you should be asking her for advice at least once a week.


This information also comes on the heels of Kelly sharing that River doesn’t like to listen to Grandma Reba’s music as much as she likes listening to her own music. I’m starting to question Kelly’s parenting.