Reba McEntire Concludes the World Needs to Get “Back to God” in Her New Video

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Reba McEntire has a new song from her upcoming album Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.

Back to God” offers a solution for the pain and dismay that comes with living life.

“I’ve been asked a lot lately about why now was the right time to release this song,” Reba said. “I think it is always the right time to give it back to Him because we seem to mess things up on our own. We all need to just love each other more unconditionally, without judgement because we can’t do this on our own.”

The song goes:

You gotta get down on your knees / Believe, fold your hands, and beg and plead /
Keep on prayin’ / You gotta cry, rain tears of pain /
Pound the floor and scream His name / Cause we’re still worth savin’ /
Can’t go on like this, and live like this / We can’t love like this /
You can hope the best, make a wish / The only answer is / We give this world back to God.”

Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson and Reba’s band leader Doug Sisemore wrote the tune, which was produced by Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts.

Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope comes out Feb. 3. Pre-order it at