Reba McEntire is Sharing Pictures of Her New Boyfriend on Instagram and I’m Living For It

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A couple of weeks ago, Reba McEntire was introduced as the first ever female Colonel Sanders for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Literally, in the same weekend, she won a GRAMMY for her album, Sing it Now: Songs of Hope & Faith. And while she was on the red carpet at the GRAMMYs, she introduced the world to her new boyfriend— Skeeter Lasuzzo, because you better believe Reba has a boyfriend named Skeeter.

Reba’s new love comes a couple of years after her surprising divorce from Narvel Blackstock, her manager and husband of 26 years.

And, I think Reba deserves it all– GRAMMYs, that greasy KFC money and love!

Reba has slowly started sharing photos of Skeeter on social media and the two look like teenagers, because as Reba said at the GRAMMYs, “He’s my boyfriend. We’ve been having fun.”

On Valentine’s Day, Reba shared four photos with the caption, “Skeeter and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!! We hope you did too.❤️❤️”

The couple has also been hiking, road tripping, dining out with friends and you know, having fun!