Reba McEntire is Selling Corndog Tee Shirts and We Need One Now

Reba McEntire corndog tee shirt
Courtesy Reba McEntire Instagram

Just when we thought we’d seen everything from our favorite country music redhead, Reba McEntire has taken it to another level with the release of her very own corndog t-shirt.

That’s right, a Reba McEntire corndog loving t-shirt can be yours. The “Back to God” singer took to social media to share the good news.

“You know I LOVE a corndog!!! Now I’ve got a t-shirt I can wear to show how much I do! 🤣, she wrote in the post.

The red tee is selling for $30.00 and can be purchased at reba’s website store. The t-shirt is emblazoned with the words, “I want to be loved like REBA loves a CORN DOG!.” Below the word corn dog is a photo of the delicious fair food and an inset of Reba’s face. The fine print reads, “Hot & Fresh since 1975, the year reba signed her first record deal with Mercury Records.

So hurry and order your t-shirt today, you can pre-order now and the shirt will ship on Sept.14.

Reba has been known to enjoy a good corndog or two. What’s not to love? Right? A sausage on a stick, that is deep fried in a thick layer of batter. The superstar has taken to social media a number of times to chow down on her favorite food.

1. “Thanks to everyone at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa. We had a blast! You guys are superduper great!”

2. “What is better than a corndog at the Strawberry Festival in Florida? Everybody having one!”

3.”Heaven!!!! Thanks so much Iowa State Fair and Campbells