Reba McEntire Finds Love In An Unexpected Way— “We’re Totally in Love”

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Reba McEntire talks love with boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

When news of Reba McEntire’s divorce from husband Narvel Blackstock broke, you could have knocked most of the country music community over with a feather. The couple quietly went about the business of music, remaining professional until it seemed a logical break could be made, and even that was done with great grace and dignity. But now Reba is finally talking about the man in her life, and she’s even admitting that she has found love again.

In a feature with People, Reba reveals that the divorce from Narvel was not just unwanted, but also quite painful. And that translated into having zero interest in romance moving forward.

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However, on a vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2017, with her good pal, Kix Brooks, Reba met retired oil geologist turned wildlife photographer Skeeter Lasuzzo and a spark was ignited.

“We just had the best time. And so two nights later, we all went out to dinner, and he bought my dinner,” Reba tells People. When she returned to the area later for another week of vacation, she says they spent every day together.

When you least expect it, Reba!

Now, two years later, the singer, songwriter, and actress admits, “We’re totally in love — absolutely. I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em!”

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Whether wedding bells will ring for the couple remains to be seen, but if you follow Reba on social media, you know that she and Skeeter are having the time of their lives and enjoying adventure after adventure.

Now, they do deserve a couple name. Reeter? Skeeba? We’re taking suggestions.