Get Your Tissues Ready, Reba McEntire Surprises One of Her Biggest Fans

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Many people consider themselves Reba McEntire’s biggest fan, but “Pickler & Ben” invited one lucky fan, who wrote a touching letter about her, to meet the country legend.

When Reba was scheduled to appear on the daytime talks show, Ben said the ticket requests just flew in with heartfelt letters. But one special letter from a fan named Felicia, stood out. Felicia expressed the huge impact Reba has made on her life—she felt her baby kick for the first time when at a Reba concert and Reba’s song “Sleeping with the Telephone” helped her through the toughest days when her husband was deployed.

While Reba told them to say hi for her, the talk show duo did one better by inviting Felicia to the set. Under the guise that she was being interviewed for a Reba video tribute, Pickler & Ben has Reba go meet the young mother.

“This is special, so sweet,” Reba said walking to meet Felicia. “Don’t cry. I’ve got a Kleenex somewhere, I know I do.” When the moment came, Felicia’s face was precious and she broke into teas.. It was definitely the surprise of her life.

And we did need that Kleenex Reba.