Reba McEntire Returns to Nashville After Mother’s Passing and Talks Possible ‘Reba’ Reunion— “We’d Love to Get Back Together”

Reba McEntire talks Reba Reunion
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor/ AFF-USA.COM

After an extended stay in Oklahoma to tend to business following her mother’s death, Reba McEntire has returned to the Nashville area where she is hunkered down at home, following shelter-in-place guidelines. The time in Oklahoma proved to be a healing for her and her siblings, Alice, Pake and Susie.

In an interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb, Reba said, “Susie and Mark (Susie’s husband) were sweet enough to let me stay with them the last two months. I was in Oklahoma, Mama had just passed away the fourteenth of March, two months ago and I had gone back after being there with them, then I came home to do some rehearsals for the tour we didn’t get to do. Went back and we were going to plan the funeral and have it all ready to go and then the quarantine started.”

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She went on to say, “It was a true blessing. I got to stay there at Mama’s house and help Susie and Alice and Pake clean everything out. We had so many great times going through drawers and boxes, and found pictures we had never seen before. We cried, we laughed, we toasted Mama. it was just an absolute huge blessing to get to do that.”

Reba also revealed other treasures the siblings had unearthed. “Now, Mama did like a good drink,” she laughed. “She liked her whiskey and 7-up or Sprite and we found whiskey bottles full in her panty drawer. She had to hide it from her grandkids…”

The ever-positive country star also gave a different take on the isolation period. “I am so thankful for this quarantine time,” she said. “My heart goes out to the folks who have been ill, who have lost loved ones, but it has been wonderful for me to get to be with my little sister the way we were for the last two months, it’s priceless. I’ve loved it. Every minute of it.”

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Fans of Reba’s hit sitcom may have reason to celebrate as well. She offered a glimmer of hope saying that she and her former co-stars, including Melissa Peterman, have been on a text thread and all would love to reunite. She mentioned the possibility of a two-hour movie or “whatever.”

That’s a good cause to celebrate.