Reba McEntire Delivers Heartache in New Song, “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain”

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Reba McEntire Tammy Wynette song from new album
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Following the release of the upbeat  “No U in Oklahoma,” Reba McEntire is slowing it down with a new release of “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain,” featured on her highly-anticipated  upcoming album, Stronger Than the Truth. 

The ballad, written by Brandy Clark, Mark Narmore, Shelley Skidmore, returns Reba to the country music sound she has been known to deliver. Reminiscent of her 1994 Read My Mind album, the latest release has Reba singing about a deep kind of pain suffered at the hands of a cheating man.

Standing by your man / that’s a broken plan / When he breaks your heart and all your trust with his two cheating hands / So it’s D I V OR C E  and you don’t want him to see you crying so you’re crying in the rain / This is Tammy Wynette / we’re talking Tammy Wynette / kind of pain.”

The new tune name checks Tammy’s songs, “Stand By Your Man” and “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.” Reba delivers a gut-wrenching performance that enables the listener to feel how deep that Tammy Wynette kind of pain runs.

“When I started selecting songs for this album, I stuck with that same formula – go with the songs that touch my heart, and hopefully when you hear me singing it, they’ll touch yours too. That honesty once again revealed itself,” Reba said in a statement. “I grew up on an 8,000-acre family ranch singing at dance halls, honky-tonks and rodeos with my brother and sister. Stronger Than the Truth takes me back to that kind of country music that I grew up with. I haven’t gotten to do that in a while, so I’m thrilled to pieces to release this new music.”

Reba’s album, Stronger Than The Truth is due out April 5, two days before Reba hosts the ACM awards in Las Vegas.

“This is the most country record I’ve done in a long time and I can’t wait for you to hear it” Reba said.

1. Swing All Night Long With You | Written by Sidney Cox, Jon Randall
2Stronger Than The Truth | Written by Hannah Louise Blaylock, Autumn McEntire
3. Storm In A Shot Glass | Written by Mary Browder, Will Robinson, Leslie Satcher
4. Tammy Wynette Kind Of Pain | Written by Brandy Clark, Mark Narmore, Shelley Skidmore
5. Cactus In A Coffee Can | Written by Steve Seskin, Allen Shamblin
6. Your Heart | Written by Kellys Collins
7. The Clown | Written by Dallas Davidson, Hillary Lindsey, James Slater
8. No U In Oklahoma | Written by Reba McEntire, Ronnie Dunn, Donna McSpadden
9. The Bar’s Getting Lower Written by Kellys Collins, Erin Enderlin, Liz Hengber, Alex Kline
10. In His Mind | Written by Reba McEntire, Liz Hengber, Tommy Lee James
11. Freedom | Written by Jay Brunswick, Tommy Cecil, Jaida Dreyer, John Pierce
12. You Never Gave Up On Me | Written by Billy Aerts, Burton Collins