Remember Marty Stuart?

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Marty Stuart has been making music for over four decades and in the process he’s won five GRAMMYs to go along with his, could be Elvis and Johnny Cash’s brother, in looks and voice. You may remember him as a member of Johnny Cash‘s backing band or from his mega-hit “The Whiskey Ain’t Working” with Travis Tritt.

No matter how you know him, the legend is back with an upcoming double album and new heart-pumping, rockabilly jam, “Jailhouse.”

Stuart recently told Esquire of “Jailhouse,” that it is “A portrait of heartbreak and rejection set to a danceable beat. It is country music noir lovingly recorded in shadowy tones of black and white. The song is filled with angst and twang. Man loves woman, woman agrees to marry man. Ten minutes after she says I do — she don’t. A single teardrop brings on the rain. The rain then becomes an ice storm of biblical proportions. When the storm finally subsides, everything around the man and woman is frozen. Icicles transform the couple’s newly built modern home into a medieval gothic prison. There the man is sentenced to life for the crime of loving the girl of his dreams who doesn’t love him anymore. Or did she ever? Can anyone relate?”

On a personal note, I’m most excited about new music from Marty Stuart, because of his 1989 hit, “Hillbilly Rock,” that became enamored with while learning a tap dance to go along with it. I’ve been doing the “Hillbilly Rock” since kindergarten. Literally. Kick-ball-change, kick-ball-change, Marty!

Image Source: PR Photos