Rhett Akins Describing How Songwriting is Like Fishing is Gold


After releasing a few modest hits as a solo artist in the ’90s, Rhett Akins set his sights on songwriting in the 2000s and has been cranking out some of Nashville biggest hits since.

This year, Akins was nominated for ACM Songwriter of the Year after having a song on the country music charts for 8 straight years. But, it’s a video from the ’90s featuring Akins that’s currently making us sing.

Akins said, “songwriting is a lot fishing. A lot of times you go and you don’t come back with nothing, but every now and then you come back with a big ‘un.”

In the last year Akins was partly responsible for hits like “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” and “Small Town Boy.”

And he’s still finding time to go fishing.