My Favorite CMA Awards Moment Was Probably One You Didn’t See

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Growing up, my parents weren’t really into country music, but my brother and I couldn’t get enough of Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn and George Strait. Seeing these legends on the stage (together) during the 50th Annual CMA Awards was almost magical. And really, the whole night was magical and full of touching, unforgettable moments, but there’s one particular moment towards the end of the opening number, that I can’t quit thinking about or watching.

After each performer sang their part in the opening medley, they quietly slipped to the back of the stage and waitedon the finishing number, “Forever and Ever, Amen.” Roy Clark, who paid tribute to Buck Owens with Brad Paisley spent most of his time on stage sitting down, until that final number when Ricky Skaggs helped him up and held his hand throughout the song as he shared his microphone with the country music legend.

It was such a small thing, something that could have just as easily not happened. But, it did happen and I will always cherish it.


Moments like these are why country music and the people apart of it are so great.


Also, when Dwight Yoakam walked over and squeezed Randy Travis‘ shoulder, I lost it. Yoakam was clearly overwhelmed with emotion (like the rest of us). Such a cool moment between so many legends.


I love country music.