Garth Brooks Keeps His Musical Promise to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts


One of the things that is filling the void for music lovers who would currently be neck deep in festival season is the steady stream of new music that artists are pumping out. Without question, Garth Brooks fans have been champing at the bit for new tunes, and now we have one, thanks to the generosity of Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

On Monday, June 15, Robin shared a bit of a conversation she and Garth had on GMA the previous Thursday. In their chat, Garth told Robin, “Let’s do a deal. I tell you what, I’ve got something new that I’m working on. I’ll send it to you this weekend and then you decide what you want to do with it. You’ll be the first one to hear it. If you want to share it, share it, if you want to keep it for you, keep it for you.”

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Thank you, Robin, for not keeping “We Belong to Each Other” to yourself.

Robin shared the song on her Facebook page saying, “On Thursday after announcing his upcoming Drive-In Concert I asked Garth Brooks when we could expect new music from him. Here’s that exchange on Good Morning America followed by my longtime, dear friend singing We Belong To Each Other. My beloved momma always said “everybody’s got something”….whatever your something is that you’re facing I hope this brings you as much comfort as it has for me. My immense gratitude to engineer, Matt Allen, studio manager, Charles Green, the gentleman who mastered it, Eric Conn, everyone who had a part in this and the incomparable Garth Brooks for allowing me to share this gift.🙏🏾❤️”

Releasing songs with a weighty message is nothing new for Garth. “The Dance,” “Standing Outside the Fire,” “The Change,” and “We Shall Be Free” are favorites among fans, even at live shows, and “We Belong to Each Other” is poised to take a place next to them.

As uncomplicated as the lyrics are, the message of humanity is profoundly important, gently reminding us:

We’re all leaves on the same tree / Under one sky / Don’t let nobody tell you / Otherwise.

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The arrangement boasts a delightfully vintage island groove, giving “We Belong to Each Other” an almost Caribbean feel without undermining the significance of the lyrics. As delightfully breezy as “We Belong to Each Other” feels, it is a solid reminder that not all anthems have to be barn burners to convey a message of unity:

We belong to each other / We are sister and brother / Born to love one another.”

Sometimes a whisper can be louder than a scream.