Rodney Atkins Reveals Terrifying Moment With New Baby Boy, Scout

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Rodney Atkins baby son Scout had a scary moment
Courtesy Rose Falcon Instagram

The very act of being a parent isn’t for the faint of heart, but when something happens to your child, especially an infant, it can be nothing short of terrifying. For Rodney Atkins and wife Rose Falcon, that was recently their reality.

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Backstage at the Island Hopper Songwriter Festival in Ft. Myers/Sanibel Island, Rodney, who headlined the weekend, recalled the frightening moment when his newborn son was in his arms and not breathing.

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“Little Scout is a month old now,” Rodney said. “He gave us a little scare a couple of weeks ago. I was holding him, Rose was putting Ryder down for a nap, and he stopped breathing.”

The “Watching You” singer continued, “I will never shake the feeling of his little body going limp.”

Rodney went on to say that he and Rose took little Scout to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. “He’s fine,” he said. “They checked him out, top to bottom, and ran a bunch of tests on him. It was just one of those one-time things, fortunately, that will probably never happen again.”

“That feeling of helplessness, holding him like that, and thinking…you have to shake that off. But he’s great now. He’s crying like crazy now,” he said smiling.

The proud daddy of three boys, including 18-year-old son Eli, did say that they are watching Scout a little closer these days. “We’ve got a little owlet sock that monitors his heart rate and breathing that we keep on him all the time.”

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Rodney has got a steady stream of tour dates on his calendar through December supporting his newest album, Caught Up In the Country. The second single from the album, “Thank God for You,” is out now.