Rodney Atkins Gets An Unexpected Surprise From Wife Rose Falcon During Gender Reveal Video [Watch]

Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon gender reveal is a surprise
Photo by Curtis Hilbun /

Rodney Atkins didn’t realize that his wife, Rose Falcon, was up to something when the couple stepped outside to record a promotional piece for Second Harvest Food Bank. In fact, even after the surprise took place, it didn’t register for a moment.

Let’s back up.

People reports that Rodney and Rose actually were filming a piece to help promote Second Harvest Food Bank’s “Strike Out Hunger” campaign. Riffing off of the “strike out” phrase, the couple decided that Rose would pitch a softball to Rod for him to take a solid swing at.

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Everything seemed to be lining up…except for Rose’s first two pitches. The first pitch was in the dirt and the second was closer to the clouds. But the third pitch was right in the zone and Rodney would have had a dinger if they had actually been playing ball. However, as the bat made contact, a cloud of blue erupted.

Like any professional, Rodney continues to deliver his lines, but before he completes his script he realizes that the puff of blue was actually indicating that the baby he and Rose are expecting is a boy.

That makes three boys for the “Caught Up In the Country” singer. He and Rose also have 15- month-old Ryder and 17-year-old Elijah from a previous marriage.

Rodney and Rose surprised fans with the announcement of their new little one by tagging Rod’s video for “My Life” with an ultrasound image.

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“Thank you to everyone for your kind words about our growing family! Made releasing this new song even more special,” Rodney wrote in a post.