Ronnie Dunn’s Father Was His ‘Cowboy Hero’

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Ronnie Dunn‘s tattoo is hard to miss.

The crooner has “COWBOY” tattooed from his elbow to his wrist on the outside of his right arm. The tattoo is a reminder of Dunn’s hero.

“My dad was my cowboy hero,” he says. “He worked on a small ranch near Coleman, Texas, where I was born. He was good with horses and he was a stable boy and a thoroughbred trainer at Keeneland Farms in Kentucky when he was in his teens.”

He even got to see his dad in action.

“When I was in high school, down in south Texas, he had a friend that used to go over into Mexico on weekends and run quarter horses near Matamoros in these outlaw, I guess they were, races where they would line trucks up along both sides of the track,” Ronnie adds. “They had these old, rusty gates they’d come out in. One day, I guess the rider that they had was sick or didn’t show up, and he got on the horse and rode. He blew me away.”