Ronnie Dunn: Exclusive New Music for Valentine’s Day


We’re so excited that Ronnie Dunn is coming out with new music! Peace Love and Country Music will be available April 8th, but if you’re like us, you can’t wait until then.

Country Outfitter is proud to offer exclusive early access to Ronnie Dunn’s new ballad, just in time for Valentine’s Day. We love to know the stories behind the songs and Ronnie was kind enough to share a few words about this one.

“All relationships experience ups and downs,” Dunn says. “The things that happen in those heated moments along love’s back roads are just that, the “heat of the moment”. How we manage those exchanges determine a lot.”

Love’s back road. We’ve all been there, maybe more times that we care to remember.

“Whether it’s over or not, our poor sleep deprived hero, after a long lonely night of driving  the back roads brooding a love spat has come back with a new appreciation of their love.”

Truest Lyric:

It’s gonna happen every now and then

Can’t just come apart and let it end

Can’t give it up  Throw us away

Baby there’s a will there’s got to be a way

Listen now to Romeo and Juliet, and then share the love — you know you have friends who need to hear this today!

Peace Love and Country Music will be available for pre-order soon, and a few of the songs (not this one!) are up on iTunes now. Click here to order.

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