You Have to Hear Little Big Town Sing Backup Vocals for Ronnie Dunn During “Believe”


In the last few years, the phrase, “took me to church” or “let’s go to church” has been a familiar phrase at concerts. It has nothing to do with an actual church building or faith, but that of a moment so pure and so right it feels like a holy experience. It’s a little sacrilegious, but most things are these days.

However, Ronnie Dunn taking the stage at the Ryman Auditorium to sing the Brooks & Dunn hit, “Believe” with Little Big Town on backup vocals is worthy of the phrase. The tune was written by Dunn and Craig Wiseman and won Single of Year and Song of the Year at 2006 CMA Awards. It’s all about finding your faith, losing it and finding it again.

Per the usual, Dunn’s vocals were perfect and Little Big Town’s backup harmonies were, dare I say– heavenly.

After the performance, Dunn said he ran into the foursome at Cheyenne Frontier Days a few weeks ago and they asked him to come out.