Ronnie Dunn Has a Mandatory Court Date After Spending Some Time in an Undesignated Area of a National Park


When Ronnie Dunn gets a break of any kind, he pulls out his camera gear and hits the road.

His most recent excursion could also land him some more time off courtesy of the National Park Service. Dunn retreated from Las Vegas and his Caesar’s Palace show to take some photos and his tire tracks in an undesignated area got him some special time with Officer Solomon.

Dunn explained what happened in a series of Facebook posts and even shared, “Hmmm…I just read that the Parks are ramping up the enforcement game because recreational ATVs etc. are defacing our parks. Not that it matters but I wasn’t out there “doing donuts”. STILL, the law is the law. Officer Solomon meant business. If I had made a wrong move or popped off, in ANY way, I got the impression that he was cocked, locked and loaded. RD”

Officer Solomon made him rake his tire tracks and told him he’d have a court date soon.