Ronnie Dunn Peace Love and Country Music: The Wait is Over!


The new album from Ronnie Dunn Peace Love and Country Music is finally here! We’ve been honored to work with this legend within country music, and we’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of the CD version of Peace Love and Country Music.

We’ve been having a great time getting to know Dunn, hanging out in his famous barn studio and at his country escape, The Forge. We’ve hosted Dunn’s own stories in his COUNTRY THIS blog posts. We know all this might make us a little biased, but we’re not alone in our admiration.

The album has received amazing reviews so far.

Tracks like “Heart Letting Go” and “You Should See You Now” both have that emotional grit that will resonate with his fans.

The man seems to get better with age and wisdom… But, don’t think for a minute that Dunn has forgotten how to crank up the volume. “Country In Texas,” “Let’s Get The Beer Joint Rockin’,” and “Country This” are as fresh as anything you will find on the radio – by artists half his age and with half his talent.


Listen to the title track!

Ready for the full album? Click here to order Peace Love and Country Music.

We’re celebrating the release of Ronnie Dunn’s latest solo album, Peace Love and Country Music, available April 8th. 

“Music is the soundtrack to life. Enticing visuals are just as important. When and if the two come together in harmony, good things happen. I believe that the music that I make has to depict an honest representation of who I am. How I live and my life experiences come together to define the songs that I write and record. In a perfect world, I would capture the visual with the sound track. The people at Country Outfitter are helping achieve that goal.” ~Ronnie Dunn