Ronnie Dunn Turns Photographer; Shares Some of The Most Beautiful Photos You’ll See All Day


Ronnie Dunn—formerly one-half of the mega-super duo Brooks and Dunn—can belt out a tune better than most. But what most people don’t know is that the silky-voiced singer is a darn good photographer.

Over the years, Dunn has talked about his interest in photography, getting more involved with the hobby after leaving Brooks and Dunn.

“When I kind of left the Brooks and Dunn thing, I just didn’t have anything to do with my hands, so I needed something creative to do,” Dunn explained. “I’m a terrible carpenter, so I got a camera and had a place in Santa Fe, and the sunsets out there are —The house was located in a spot which just literally like, you owned the sunset. I would go out and play with that, and then I just kept getting more into it and more into it. Next thing you know I’m trying to catch lightning, storms going across the river, people screaming at me, ‘Get in the house.’ Now it’s really fun, really fun.”

It’s seems like it’s more than fun for the singer, as he’s turned it into major passion. The “My Maria” singer recently spent some time in Alaska and at Cheyenne Frontier Days where he brought his camera along. We’re just lucky he came back with some of the most beautiful images.

“Shot this at @chefrontierdays – be sure to follow @Lensmen so you don’t miss a shot – official launch coming soon. @prca_prorodeo”

#cheyennefrontierdays LOOKIN’ FOR EIGHT”.

“#cheyennefrontierdays “MESS WITH THE BULL” ….these guys are no clowns. Tough and talented hombre’s @prca_prorodeo RD”

“I caught this #BrahmaStampede yesterday. The action starts today. Headed to the pit. @LensmenProject stand by RD”

“Hoooooly shit ! I turned the corner on Funnel Creek (off Lake Moraine) and came face to face with this 1000 pounder. I froze, he froze. Fortunately I didn’t have a salmon in my pocket”

“Great week in Alaska chasing big browns / Grizzlies.”

“Dante’s View @DeathValleyNationalPark. Highest point in Death Valley an hour before sunset. I was doing a photo project with the park authorities, shooting since 5 a.m. and almost too tired to go up. That’s #BADWATER Basin 5,000 ft. below. Glad I made the trek. RD”