Rory Feek’s Daughter Hopie Marries Girlfriend on Family Farm

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Rory Feek daughter wedding
Photo courtesy of Rory Feek Instagram

Joey + Rory’s Rory Feek celebrated the marriage of his daughter, Hopie, to her girlfriend Wendy, at their family farm in Pottsville, Tennessee on Oct. 27.

In a gallery of photos on Instagram, Heidi, Hopie’s sister, shared photos from the big day. “What a beautiful and perfect day that was,” Heidi wrote. “I’m so happy for Hopie and Wendy.”

Surrounded by family and friends, Hopie was dressed in a long white dress, decorated with simply flowers and complete with veil. Her bridesmaids donned burnt sienna dresses and held sunflowers in their bouquet. Wendy opted to wear a suit vest with pants and tie, while her bridal party was decked out in white shirts, ties and suspenders.

True to form, Rory wore his signature overalls as he walked his daughter down the aisle, which was lined with lanterns. The outdoor ceremony. Rory’s daughter Indiana, from his marriage to the late Joey Feek, looked beautiful as the flower girl. Heidi shared photos of the 3-year-old smiling big while getting her hair done for the ceremony.

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Earlier this year, after the release of his book, Once Upon a Farm, Rory spoke out about the struggles he faced learning this his daughter was gay.

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“I am just a father, trying to love his kids. All of them,” Rory concedes. “Trying to be more than I’ve been, so that one day my children might be encouraged to be more than what others might say or think they are too . . . This new chapter though – not just in the book, but in my life – has been a bit more challenging for my heart and my character. I’ve still got a long way to grow, but I believe that I’m getting there. And I can’t help but think, in the end… how can we lose if we choose love?”

Congratulations to the happy couple.