Joey + Rory’s Rory Feek Opens Family Barn For “Once Upon A Christmas” Show

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When Joey+Rory’s Rory Feek lost the love of his life, Joey Martin Feek, to cancer in 2016, his life and career changed forever.

Having to raise a two-year-old daughter, with downs syndrome, on his own left the singer wondering if he would ever take the stage again without his wife and singing partner by his side.

In 2016 the Kansas native started a blog,, that chronicled his wife’s battle with cancer and continues to update us on how he and their now 3-year-old daughter, Indiana, are coping with life after Joey’s passing.

As the singer shares his life and his daughter’s progress, he also decided to use the blog announce that he will be returning to the stage this Christmas for a few shows he is calling, “Once Upon A Christmas.”

“I was nervous about stepping back onstage again with a guitar in my hand, without Joey by my side,” Rory wrote in his blog. “Afraid that it would feel wrong to keep singing and sharing without her, and even more afraid that it might feel right. In the end though, it was both. Performing again on the beautiful stage in the barn that we built together felt so wrong… and so, so right. All at the same time.

“But those two evenings in September felt right for so many other reasons,” he continues. “First off, I have come to believe that there are things in life that we do… and things that we are born to do. For me, I realized an hour into the first night, that sharing songs on a stage – however big or small – is one of mine.

“I have had some time to think and pray and talk with family about it, and I am ready to open the doors of the barn up wide and let some light in. To do more of what I’m supposed to be doing. More of what Joey would want me to do.”

The 52-year-old will hit the stage to perform songs from the duo’s Christmas album, A Farmhouse Christmas—recorded in 2011, as well as share stories from his journey. If all goes according to plan, he may even step out with more dates in the Spring of 2018

For now, the Kansas native will open the doors to his barn for six shows over two weekends Dec. 1-3 and December 15-17.