Rory Feek Saw His Wife ‘Come Back to Life’ in the “To Joey, With Love” Documentary

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The love story of Joey Martin and Rory Feek has captivated me for years. The pair found each other and cultivated a way of life that they wanted live, which was — in a word — simple. The pair bought a farm south of Nashville, cultivated their own land and built careers playing the music that they wanted to play.

In March 2016, Joey succumbed to cancer, but the couple’s love story is far from over.

“I’m doing as well as a man can do who has lost the most amazing person,” Rory Feek said on the Today show. “As we’ve tried to document, in some ways she’s still here.”

Rory filmed the last two years of his wife’s life — not knowing that’s what they would be — and is now sharing that footage with the world in the documentary “To Joey, With Love.”

“It was amazing actually,” he said. “When Joey passed away in March and we came home to our farm, I couldn’t remember my wife healthy — all those years of marriage and all that life that she had — until I started going through the footage and then I saw her come back to life. I was able — in making the film — to watch her life happen in real time again.”

Rory’s strength also comes form his faith in God. “Joey and I both always have had a childlike faith,” he explained. “We don’t even understand how it works. We just put our faith in God and somehow he makes it OK even when it’s not OK.”

Rory is happy to share good news of his and Joey’s daughter, Indy, is coming up on two-and-a-half years old.

“She’s doing amazing,” he said. “She’s in a school back in Nashville called High Hopes. Just learning more and more every day. She’s a blessing — not only for Joey while Joey was here — but for me now that Joey’s not.”

Together, they know that Joey is never far away.

“We have a cemetery about a 100 yards behind the farm where the people who built our farmhouse in the 1870s are buried and its where we laid my wife to rest,” he added. “We can sit on our back porch and still feel her there. She’s not far away to watch life happen.”

To Joey, With Love opens in select cities on Sept. 20.