Rodney Atkins’ wife Rose Falcon Reveals Suffering Miscarriage A Year Before Giving Birth To First Child


While miscarriages are very common in the world, they are extremely devastating to a new mom and dad who are hoping to start or continue to grow their family. As of late, many stars have spoken out revealing that they have suffered miscarriages in hopes of supporting others that have suffered the same fate.

Rose Falcon, wife of Rodney Atkins, is the latest artist to reveal that she suffered a miscarriage one year before giving birth to her new son, Ryder Falcon Atkins, who weighed in at 8 lbs, 13 oz., on Dec. 14.

“On this day last year we found we found out our first pregnancy was not viable and would end in a miscarriage. So many days I thought we would never have a baby and here we are holding our precious Ry. Tonight my heart is with anyone who wants to be a mama and has been struggling. Please know miracles can and do happen,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Rose is speaking out to share her story, hoping to help others who have gone through or are going through what she and Rodney endured a year earlier.

“I promised myself that if I was lucky enough to have a successful pregnancy I would share my journey in hopes that I could help or comfort someone else,” she continued. “I’m going to try to blog between feedings as soon as I can! Love y’all! #miraclebaby #rainbowbaby.”

Jana Kramer, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, Sunny Sweeney and Kristen Brust, wife of LoCash’s Preston Brust, have all spoken about their journey’s through miscarriage so others going through the same thing won’t feel so alone.