Luke Combs Thought Gunfire Was Pyrotechnics and Just “Part of the Show” During Shooting at Route 91 Harvest Festival


Just hours before Jason Aldean took the stage at Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas, Luke Combs played another stage at the opposite end of the festival grounds.When his set was over he met up with fellow country music star, Jake Owen to watch Aldean perform.

Combs told, “Today,” “We were actually on stage when it happened… we heard the first four shots, kind of ring out…nobody on the stage really batted an eye. It just seemed like it was a part of the show. We were all just kind of standing there…thought something was going wrong with the pyrotechnics. It wasn’t for a few minutes that kind of pandemonium set in. It had to have been 10-12 clips from what I heard, at least.”