Runaway June’s “Wild West” Is a Taste of What’s to Come With New Album


Baby you could steal my heart like Jesse James. Come in, guns blazin,’ just like ol’ John Wayne,” are the opening lines to the latest single by country trio Runaway June. The group, comprised of Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne and Naomi Cooke, are following up their Top 25 hit, “Lipstick,” with the mid-tempo, throw caution to the wind tune, “Wild West.”

Written by Jennifer, Billy Montana and Justin Lentz, “Wild West” finds the group singing about a reckless love that knows no bounds. An idea inspired by a remark made by the groups lead singer, Naomi, as they were driving through an area resembling the American frontier. Jennifer took the idea to her writing partners and the ladies’ western story was written.

“We were on the way to a retreat and Naomi was like, ‘It’s like the wild west out here,’ Jennifer told One Country. ” And I just thought of that imagery of the wild west and how romantic it is and I had the idea to write a song about loving me like the wild west. My co-writer Billy Montana was like ‘why don’t you say three wild’s.’ I was like, ‘three wild’s? That’s so weird.’ Then he started singing it and I was like ‘that’s really cool.’ And I stuck my grandpa in there and gave him a little tip of the hat.” Jennifer’s grandfather is the late John Wayne, star of many classic western movies from the 1940s-1970s.

Soon after the release of “Wild West,” the video, directed by Traci Goudie and John Murphy, came to fruition. Throwing it back to the good old days of westerns, Naomi, Hannah and Jennifer take the lead as three bad ass women, not unlike their real-life personas, to come in and save the day.

“The song kind of presented itself with that idea,” said Naomi. “There are so many visual aspects to that song so we had a lot of fun coming up with it. Our stylist, John Murphy, wrote the treatment for it and had all these great ideas and put a story line in there. When the song came to life, we all knew what it was going to be.”

Two singles under their belt and the ladies are turning their focus toward their debut album, due out later this year.

“We’re finishing,” revealed Jennifer. “We’re going in [the studio] at the end of February and recording our last round. We’re recording with Dann Huff so we’re so excited about that.”

“We can’t wait to finish the album,” adds Hannah. “That’s our big focus for the year, getting that done and out. We have quite a bit of time dedicated to just trying to finish the album. Last year we were so busy, so the album really took a back seat. This year that’s our big goal.”