Runaway June Saves The Day in Action-Packed “Wild West” Video


If you’re ever in a old western shoot out, you’re going to want to have the ladies from Runaway June on your side. In their latest video for “Wild West,” Naomi, Jennifer and Hannah, not only sing, but they single-handedly save the day.

What starts out as a typical western music video, quickly turns into a mini-movie packed with action and drama.

As Runaway June perform their song throughout the video, we see a love story between a young couple in western times. As the young couple enters a bank, in the middle of a robbery, the young man ends up being shot. But it’s the ladies of Runaway June that ride into town and take on the bad guys. Ultimately, the ladies win a shoot out and kill the robbers. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The ladies took to Instagram to share their excitement for the new video and thanking all involved.

“It’s FINALLY HERE!!! We are So excited to be able to share the visual side of the song with everyone and give you a glimpse of what we see and feel with this song every night when we play it for you,” they wrote in the post. “We can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!! Huge thank you to every person who made this video possible.”

“Wild West” is the second single from Runaway June’s upcoming album and the follow up to their Top 10 hit “Lipstick.

“Love me like the wild wild wild west / ride me off in the sunset / Outlaws makin’ a run for it / Well com’on boy, be my cowboy, / keep me by your side all night / Hold me tight / like a pearl handle .45 / And just let me be the whiskey on you breath / Love me like the wild wild wild west,” they sing in the chorus.

Main photo by Van Haze / BBR