Runaway June Debuts on “The Bobby Bones Show” With Soothing “Wild West” Performance


Country trio Runaway June’s Noami Cooke, Jennifer Wayne and Hannah Mulholland were up early for their debut appearance on “The Bobby Bones Show to perform their latest single “‘Wild West.'”

The new song, written by Wayne, Justin Lantz and Billy Montana,, is the follow-up to the group’s Top 25 hit debut single, “Lipstick,” and tells of the longing for a no-holds barred wild west kind of love.

“Baby, you can steal my heart like Jesse James / Or come in guns blazin’ just like old John Wayne, sings Cooke about actor John Wayne, who is also Wayne’s grandfather.

“Well, now’s your chance to save the girl / You better take it before it’s gone / Yeah, you better get your boots on / And love me like the wild wild wild west / Ride me off in the sunset / Outlaws making a run for it / Well, come on, boy, be my cowboy keep me by your side all night and hold me tight / Like a pearl-handle .45 / And just let me be the whiskey on your breath,” the trio harmonizes on the chorus.

Runaway June is currently on the road as part of Jon Pardi’s Lucky Tonight Tour, along with male trio, Midland.