Russell Dickerson Recalls The First Time He Accidentally Told His Wife “I Love You”

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In the early stages of any relationship, those three little words…I love you, seem to be the hardest to say. Who should say it first? Is it too soon? All those questions come to mind.

Russell Dickerson admitted that the first time he said those words to his wife, it was an accident. What? We’re assuming he didn’t want to play his hand so soon. The “Yours” singer stopped by “Ty, Kelly and Chuck Mornings” to talk about the first time those words slipped out.

“it was magical, because I accidentally said it and she heard me,” Russell told the the morning show.

“We were home with her family, we were all skateboarding and rollerblading and biking as a giant crew and the sun was setting,” Russell continued. “I was like, ‘blah, blah, blah, I love you.’ I was like, “Oh my God, did she hear me, did she hear me. Holy crap, did she hear me.’ She actually definitely heard me.”

That’s not so bad. Apparently it worked out for the best. Russell and his wife, Kailey, eventually married and have no problem saying I love you.

However, we still don’t know if she said it back that day.