Ruston Kelly Showed Off His Impressive Competitive Figure Skating During Wedding Reception with Kacey Musgraves


Before Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly met and fell in love and even before they were acclaimed songwriters in Nashville, they had two pretty interesting things going for them. Kacey was a world-renowned yodeler and Ruston was a competitive figure skater.

You can tell that Kacey’s still got the same impressive vocal skills she’s always had, but can Ruston still do a Besti squat or a combination life?

The pair recently got married and Ruston showed off some of his old figuring skating moves during the reception, but he didn’t just show them off, he showed Kacey off in the process. Makes me think they’ve done this before in their living room or something.

Very impressive, right? Even the Russian judges would score them well.