Ryan Kinder Releases Deconstructed Video of His Intimate Song “Close”

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Ryan Kinder following in the footsteps of his idols.

The singer-songwriter has released a “deconstructed” live video of his current single “Close.”

“I’ve always looked up to Gavin DeGraw,” Ryan explained to One Country. “He did the stripped down version of his album and I always wanted to do something like that but I’ve never had a full album to do that to. So we’ve just done the songs we have and turned it into a one take life session and added the video to give it a visual.”

When you hear Ryan’s music you can hear his influences, such as DeGraw as well as John Mayer — “Room for Squares opened my eyes to everything guitar wise”– and Marc Broussard. He’s also a lover of Blues, particularly Robert Johnson.

“My first drummer and I, we grew up listening to a lot of Blues and Robert Johnson was one of our favorite,” he revealed. “We were where they say is the real grave of Robert Johnson is and we had to take some memorabilia to bring a little more of the feels: grave dirt. Kept it on stage for years. I don’t do it much anymore because somebody dropped it and it shattered but I got most of the dirt back.”

That same passion and intimacy can be seen on his single “Close.”

“It’s the prequel to a love story,” he told me. “The thought I had when I first met who is now my wife knowing this was the one and I didn’t want to screw it up by moving too fast.”

How did she react the first time she heard it?

“She had no idea it was about her,” he admitted. “I’ve written a lot of songs and I play most for her and she was listening from an outside standpoint. I didn’t tell her it was about her until we found out it was the single. She loved it even more.”