Sadie Robertson Says She is Not Dating Brett Eldredge, But We Do Not Believe Her


Last fall, Sadie Robertson starred alongside Brett Eldredge in his “Long Way” music video and the rumors started flying. The two looked like they were defintely more than just friends, so much so that Brett even said the two weren’t dating.

But, like, Brett’s statement wasn’t convincing and well, Sade’s most recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight” about Brett wasn’t the most convincing statement either.

Sadie shared, “Everybody thinks we’re dating!” she exclaimed. “I mean, he’s the best! Literally, we just had so much fun together. I think everybody was like, ‘No, y’all were really laughing [in the video].’ We really were ’cause we really did have a great time — but I don’t know, girl, it’s too complicated!”

I mean, she couldn’t stop giggling while talking about him. Come on. These two can’t be just friends, right?



Sadie also shared a lot about relationships with ET, “People’s hearts are so valuable and it’s so scary to think about somebody getting their heart broken. That is genuinely scary. And so it’s like, that hesitation to even jump in because once you’ve experienced heartbreak, you’re like, ‘Oh man, what if it doesn’t go…’ You start to overthink.”

So, maybe she’s just overthinking this whole Brett thing?