Sam Hunt’s Intimate Concert Special is Sure to Make All The Girls Swoon

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Sam Hunt has been busy touring the country on his 15 in a 30 Tour and enjoying the success of his latest single, “Body Like a Backroad”—Hunt’s most successful single to date. “Body Like A Back Road” is currently nominated for both CMA Single of the Year and CMA Song of the Year.

The “House Party” singer is now adding a behind-the-scenes concert special to his list of things to do. The brand new special, airing on the Audience Network, will will give fans an intimate look at Hunt’s life on the road.

“Athletically, growing up, I was always encouraged and told, you know, you’re good at this, you can be successful at this,” says Hunt in the trailer. “Music was something that I’d never been encouraged [to do] in that way. It was absolutely outside my comfort zone, but there was something about that that made it more fulfilling when I was successful.”

You can catch Hunt’s concert special on Friday, Sept. 15 at 9 p.m. on DirectTV (ch. 239) and AT&T U-verse (ch. 1114) as well as DirecTV Now. For now, this clip will have to do.