My Grandfather Would Absolutely Hate Sam Hunt’s Latest Outfit

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I really like Sam Hunt. No matter your opinion on what country music is or isn’t, Sam is a real nice guy with a great smile and a knack for turning a phrase.

He’s also got a real eclectic taste in clothes. Normally, I don’t mind it. I think floral joggers are cool. But, his latest outfit (posted to Instagram) makes the time I wore XXL sweatpants that I found in my friend’s dorm room around my house during Christmas break freshman year look like formal wear.

What is happening.

Are these shorts? Are these short pants? Are they are capris?

Why is he wearing boots with the short pants that could be capris, but are probably shorts?

Sam Hunt is so cute and likeable. This outfit makes me wonder if he’s okay. Maybe somebody stole all of his clothes and this is his Instagram cry for help.