Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, and Chris Janson Join Forces In “Hey Ya” Performance

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Do you remember 2003? Do you remember Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s wedding? Do you remember MTV’s Total Request Live? Well if you do, and you’re a fan of Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, and/or Chris Janson then you are in for a real treat.

You’ll notice pretty early on that Chris Janson plays a perfect Andre 3000 to Sam Hunt’s Big Boi. Chris Janson was born to skateboard across while improvising blues harp solos to classic hip-hop songs, apparently. Not to mention, Maren Morris kills the second verse (alright, alright, alright, alright, etc.), and actually looks like she’s dressed to perform late ’90s/early ’00s rap.

So much of this performance will have you asking both “why?” and “why not?” in rapid succession. If that doesn’t properly pay homage to Outkast’s legacy, then nothing will.