Sam Hunt Showcases Beachy Beats in New Music Video For “Hard to Forget”

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In these days of sheltering at home and self-quarantine, Sam Hunt is giving fans a break from reality in the new music video for “Hard to Forget.”

With a little help from a sample of Webb Pierce’s “There Stands the Glass,” Sam is transporting fans to a happy, sunny world where social distancing meant simply unplugging from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a day. Set against a backdrop of blue skies, palm trees, pink flamingos and the hyacinth-colored and possibly fictitious Southside Motel, Sam gives Webb’s classic hit an almost reggae feel with a shuffle-y grove and a solid backbeat.

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To reinforce the message of someone who is hard to forget, the award-winning country star has enlisted the help of a cast of characters that are worthy of their own circus. A sad juggling clown, a pair of strong men, a trick roper/shooter cowboy, a token goat and an uninhibited cutie- patootie who dances with such reckless abandon, your heart overflows with joy enrich the music and provide multiple distractions to the singer who laments seeing his love’s face everywhere he turns.

“I saw your sister at work, / I saw your mama at church, / I’m pretty sure I saw your car at the mall / I see your face in the clouds, / I smell your perfume in crowds, / I swear your number’s all my phone wants to call. / It’s kinda funny how I can’t seem to get away from you. / It’s almost like you don’t want me to.”

In typical fashion, with “Hard to Forget,” Sam mixes his passion for traditional country music with his own contemporary influences and the results are toe-tapping, infectious and bright spot on a gray day.