Sam Hunt’s Version Of “This Land Is Your Land” Is Patriotic But Ominous

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“Bright” is not the kind of show you would immediately pair with Sam Hunt. The new Netflix movie follows two policemen, on human (Will Smith) and one Orc (Joel Edgerton), through a future version of Los Angeles where humans live alongside Elves, Orcs, and other mythical creatures. And there, smack in the middle, is Sam Hunt.

Hunt’s version of the patriotic anthem “This Land Is Your Land” is featured in the trailer for “Bright” and will be released on the soundtrack December 15 alongside songs by Snoop Dogg, Machinegun Kelly, and Neil Young. It isn’t your typical song from Hunt – it’s much more ominous and eerie.

He featured a clip of the song on his Instagram page. We can’t wait to hear the whole thing tomorrow!