Sara Evans Speaks Out On Lack of Females On Country Radio: “It’s Time For a Change”

Sara Evans takes on radio
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Sara Evans has never been shy to voice her opinion and now she is speaking out about the lack of women on country radio. In an interview with Billboard ahead of the 2018 CMT Artists of the Year, Sara admits to sobbing at home in front of her daughters because her previous single “Marquee Sign” received no airplay. The song was the lead track to her 2017 album “Words.”

“The girls are just as frustrated as I am because they’ve seen how this ridiculous change in country radio has affected my career,” she told Billboard. “It’s been sad. I grew up on country music and I made my whole, entire career on country radio and contributed what I believe is a lot of great music to the country genre. So for my family to watch me sobbing at home because [radio] refused to play the single I released when I’ve worked my ass off and gone to visit every country programmer in America and I feel like I deserve a spot … they’ve grown up with it, watching it, and it’s devastated all of us. Now I just want to see it either change or find another genre for females, because it’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

Sara Evans with Daughters Artists of the Year
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Upon much reaction to her comments on country radio, Sara clarified her statement in a lengthy post on Twitter. She further explains that she is “devastated” to see how the genre she grew up on and made her career on has changed.

“The obvious and most maddening change to me has been the blatant stonewalling of female artists,” she wrote. “One day I’m a country artist with hits on country radio and the next, I can’t even get one spin on ANY of my new music. It’s so frustrating and I don’t know what genre my music belongs to now. But the other major disappointment is the lack of creativity and lyrical sophistication that is being played now.”

She added, “Country music used to be known for its amazingly true to life, heartfelt lyrics. With sweet sounds like steel guitar and fiddle surrounding those lyrics. It used to be true stories told of unrequited love, or lost hopes and dreams, and sometimes fun down-home good ole party songs, but it was great music. When I signed my record deal with RCA, country airwaves were full of amazing females like Reba McEntire, Patty Loveless, Trisha Yearwood, and so many more. It’s time for a change.”

Sara has been playing her part in helping females in country music the best she can. For her latest album, “Words,” Sara enlisted the help of 14 female songwriters to contribute songs to the record.