Sara Evans Talks Cinnamon Rolls and Christmas Music On “The Chew”


Sara Evans was in the middle of her 8th stop At Christmas Tour when she visited the set of “The Chew” to talk Christmas music and recipes from her mom.

The Missouri native has learned a lot from her mom growing up, but we all have that one thing that our moms make that we couldn’t even imagine touching. It just wouldn’t compare. For Sara, that was her mom’s famous cinnamon rolls.

“I grew up in a family of seven on a farm with a mom who cooks three meals a day, she still does and works outside on the farm.” Sara said. “She is so giving, that’s her love language is to serve and make all of us all comfortable and feed us. So I learned all of that from her except for one thing and that is every Christmas she makes cinnamon rolls. One of my best memories as a child is seeing her doing that the night before—she’s cooking and working in the kitchen the night before and it’s all cozy. We wake up to these amazing cinnamon rolls that I have never attempted to make because it’s so hard.”

With the help of hosts Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon, Sara successfully made her her moms cinnamon rolls. We think it was successful, we couldn’t taste them.

Sara may have recently wrapped her annual At Christmas Tour on Dec. 16 in Mayetta, Kansas, delivering the holiday spirit through December, but for Sara, Christmas songs last way past Christmas.

“[Christmas music] plays all the time from Thanksgiving until January 1, maybe even a little longer. Two years ago I made my first Christmas album ever. That was so exciting because then I really got to pick the songs I wanted to sing. We are now currently on a Christmas tour, we do a Christmas tour every December. So that’s just a great fun break from singing all my hits,” Sara joked.

Merry Christmas.