Guy Who Isn’t Zac Brown, But Resembles Him and Dresses Like Him Releases Song Featuring Charlie Daniels Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

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Southern rock revivalists have been onto the Scooter Brown Band for a while. The band has toured extensively across the US, Europe, and military bases in Iraq the band has returned home with a gritty new single, “American Son” featuring the legendary Charlie Daniels.

Even though the band’s frontman bears a striking resemblance to Zac Brown, what with the beard, hat, the similar band name and Southern rock inspired artwork, the two are related in no way.

The song is what a rollicking pledge of American pride with loud guitars and crashing cymbals. After a patriotic bridge featuring the Pledge of Allegiance (just in case you wondered where this son is from) Charlie Daniels performs a spoken word stanza:

We come from the farms and ranches // The oil-filled hands the ones who turn the wrenches
We built these bridges and roads // The big rig drivers hauling the loads
The mason, the cop, the coal-miner // The banker, the lawyer, the firefighters

I’m the man in the shadows who carries a gun // I’m the sheepdog, the American Son

Most of the song is full of typical American imagery, but “man in the shadows who carries a gun” and “sheepdog” are new, if not completely unusual choices to describe Americans. Very few people fit, or want to fit, those divergent descriptions.

You can check to the single on Spotify and Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes or Amazon.