Scotty McCreery Scores First-Ever No. 1 Song


Congratulations are in order for Scotty McCreery, who just notched his first-ever No. 1 song with “Five More Minutes.”

The nostalgic tune, written by McCreery, Monty Criswell and Frank Rogers, is a special song for the North Carolina native. Not only was it inspired by his grandfather, it’s the first song that brought McCreery to the top of the charts. However before it’s 40-week climb to the top, the 24-year-old never thought the song had a chance.

“There was a time I thought this song would never see the light of day,” McCreery said. “Seeing this song—inspired by my Granddaddy Bill—go Gold and then become my first number one means the world to me. After writing it with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell, I tweeted out that ‘I think I just wrote my favorite song I’ve ever written.’ That still holds true today. Thank you to my fans, country radio, my band and crew, and everyone on my team. Gabi and I have been celebrating all day!”

McCreery came close to the top of the charts with “See You Tonight,” and “Feelin’ It,” both reaching the Top 10. After a 3-year-draught, he found his way to the milestone in his career.

Seasons Change is his third studio album and first in five years. The album features three released songs, including “In Between,” “Wherever You Are,” and “Home in My Mind.” Seasons Change, due out March 16, is the follow-up to his sophomore album, 2013’s See You Tonight.