[Watch] Scotty McCreery and Wife Gabí Dominate “Celebrity Family Feud”

Scotty McCreery Family on Family Feud
Photo courtesy ABC Entertainment

Scotty McCreery was crowned winner of “Celebrity Family Feud” during his recent appearance on the game show over the weekend. The “This Is It” singer competed against actor/comedian Chris Kattan from “Saturday Night Live” and “The Middle” where his $25,000 earnings would be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In a four-minute clip Scotty and his new wife, Gabí, dominate the game show, which pits celebrities and their families against each other to see who can name the most popular responses to survey questions. Gabí garnered an impressive 140 points answering several questions from host Steve Harvey. Her successful answers left Scotty needing just 60 points to win the game show.

Scotty garnered three number one survey answers and impressed Steve by his responses to several questions. While the singer’s response to how many days do you stop showering before you realize that bad smell was you (answer: two), and name the kind of sauce you like to dip your nuggets in (answer: BBQ) were the top responses, another question had Steve and the entire game show audience in stitches.

“Something you think of when you hear the word boo,” Steve asks Scotty.

Scotty’s response? “Yah.”

“Come on!” Steve says, giving Scotty a big high-five and laughing at his answer. “Oh, man. That’s a good one, boy.”

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While the number one answer to something you think of when you hear the word boo was ghost, which Gabí answered correctly, Steve liked Scotty’s response so much that he contemplated changing the answer key. “Ghost was the number one answer but it should have been booyah!” Steve says as the show came to a close.

Scotty’s episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” aired on Aug. 5 and was taped ahead of the singer’s wedding in June. Scotty was joined by his family which include his wife, Gabí Dugal McCreery, father-in-law Merrick (Tre) Dugal III, father Michael McCreery, and grandmother Paquita McCreery.

Scotty McCreery family photo on family feud
Photo courtesy ABC Entertainment