Shania Twain Was on “Broad City” and It Was Basically Every 30-Something Woman’s Dream Come True


Admittedly, it took me a little while to catch on to “Broad City.” (For those still not in the know, the show got picked up by Comedy Central in 2014 after Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s web series of the same name created a lot of buzz.)

The show is about two females– Jacobson and Glazer– trying to make it in New York. It’s a lot vulgar, overtly sexual, but also hilarious.

Throughout the series, Jacobson has lied about training Shania Twain at her gym. Finally, after she’s found another job, Twain has come to the gym and she has convinced her ex-boyfriend and boss to let her in on the training session.

Twain was nothing but brilliant in the episode. Not only does she casually make fun of herself throughout the episode, she sang and made up songs on the spot for the show.

Twain doesn’t really want to be working out, so at one point she says she’s going to get a smoothie, but instead she sings, “man! I feel like a smoothie.”

From there, she recorded song ideas on her phone, says she’s such a Rachel from “Friends” and sings “Still The One” to her two trainers who end up having sex in the gym.

During a special behind-the-scenes video for the episode, Glazer said Twain was, “She was so funny. She was so down to play with herself as an icon. […] Such an honor. She was so fun and sweet and funny.”

They also said the crew sang Twain’s made up song for quite a while after filming. Sounds right.

Twain’s first new album in 15 years releases this month.