Shania Twain’s Dog Almost Swallowed Christmas Lights But She Came To The Rescue

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While Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, it could also be a danger to our four-legged friends. With all the lights and wrapping paper and decorations lying around, you just never know what they could get into. Just that thing happened to Shania Twain and her pup, but she captured it on video.

The “That Don’t Impress Me Singer” was going to post a video on Instagram giving away some presents to her fans, but as she was filming, her precious puppy, Jett, starting chewing on something. Shania jumped from the couch saying, “Oh my God, no, Jett, no, no, don’t eat that. Oh my Lord,” she yelled.

After sitting back down to resume her video, she jumped up again screaming, “Oh no! No, I’m serious Jett, Jett come here baby. Oh my gosh. Alright there is one Christmas tree light gone.”

It turns out, Jett was chomping on a stray Christmas light. But because the dog is OK and didn’t eat the light, it’s actually a pretty funny video. We love seeing Shania in an everyday life setting. Good save Shania.

“It has been such a fantastic year and as the holiday season is approaching, I want to give you guys some special gifts as a thank you for all your support… before Jett eats them all. #12DaysOfShania,” she wrote in the caption.

Shania is giving away gifts to fans for the holidays. You can check out the website and sign up to receive a free gift from the Canadian songstress. Today is Day 2 of the giveaway, so you have 10 more days to enter. Good luck.