Shania Twain On Women at Country Radio: “We Are Not Making Radio Progress”

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Shania Twain is an outspoken advocate for female artists and when asked about women in country music during an interview with E! News, the country legend deadpanned. “What women in country music today?” she asked.

After admitting that there are, in fact, a few women making an impact in the genre, she asserts that there has not been much radio progress.

“We are not making radio progress,” she tells E! News in an interview posted to Instagram. “But we are making very small, steady steps towards awareness that we’re lacking women on country radio. So more women are speaking out.”

She explains that this is one of the many reasons she decided to take part in the new television show, Real Country. She hopes the program will showcase diversity within the genre and help inspire other artists to make the leap to country radio.

“I wanted a show that when you talk about diversity, that includes gender diversity. Style diversity. Lifestyle diversity. All of that. So, of course, I want to see more women on country music radio, and [having] the opportunity to get out there and be heard,” she asserts. “We have too much of the sameness. I’m a little bit bored with it and I want to shake it up.”

Shania insists that the best way to shake things up is to be proactive, which is what she’s currently doing with her show. She urges those thinking about a career in country music to take the leap.

“This platform is wide open. That’s the excitement of all of this — let’s just see what’s going to come out of the woodwork,” she says. “I want to show them there are no limits [in country music]. When I came on the scene as a recording artist in country music the limits were too narrow for me and it was hard for me. I want to do that again, only I want to do that in support of other artists coming out.”