10 Shania Twain GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 40 Has Experienced

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Shania Twain has lived a lot of life in her 50-ish years. She’s not only the highest-selling female country music artist of all-time, she’s also beloved across the globe. Other than Celine Dion, she’s Canada’s ultimate, most powerful diva. But, throughout her career and life in and out of the spotlight, she’s gone through a painful divorce, serious medical issues that affected her singing career and you know, she probably has trouble connecting to Netflix every now and then, too.

Whether you realize it or not, Shania is a lot like every other woman out there.

10 Shania Twain GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 40 Has Experienced:

1. When you’ve had a bad day and your friends dish out cliche advice like, “dance like no one’s watching” and you’re like, “bitch, I hope they are watching.”


2. When you forget to plan a Halloween costume in advance every single year, so you wear the same thing every single year, but you know you look good.


3. When you’re going on that third date with a new guy and he tells you to dress for an adventure, but you want to look girly and cute.


4. When you were just texting your friend, but you’re tired of texting so you call them and don’t answer and you know they red-buttoned you, but you don’t want to leave a voicemail because you’re not Satan.

5. When you get an invite that says “country cool” and you take it 14 steps too far.

6. When you want to lose a little bit of weight, but you want it be fun.

7. When you went on a vacation to the Bahamas and spent an entire day getting your hair done by a local for a crazy amount of money and don’t want to take it out, but you know you look a little ridiculous.

8. When you went a little overboard on a particular trend, but you remain committed to prove a point.


9. When you’ve had four too many glasses of white wine at a wedding you invite each of the groom’s uncles out onto the dance floor.


10. That time, every single morning, you leave your hair in a towel wrap for too long and it’s start to get really heavy and your neck hurts.