Shania Twain and John Travolta Are Going to Be in a Movie (Uh, What?)


Picture this: it’s 2017, you’re scrolling through Instagram and suddenly, you see a photo of Shania Twain. But, it’s not just Shania, it’s Shania with a guy who looks a lot like John Travolta, if he was cast in the remake of “Harry and the Hendersons.”

Don’t worry– you’re still on the right Instagram feed. It is Shania Twain in a photo with an unbelievably hairy John Travolta. And they’re going to be in a movie together.

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Trading Paint with John Travolta 🎬

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According to Variety, John and Shania will be in “Trading Paint,” a father-son stock car racing film.

This is real life and I’m not making it up.

Variety also shared, “‘Trading Paint’ revolves around a down and out dirt track racing legend (played by Travolta), who is drawn back into the winner’s circle after his son joins a competitor’s racing team and incites an intense and dangerous competition between father and son.”

IMDB says Shania will be playing Becca. They are filming in Birmingham and there’s a potential release date of June 2018.

Here’s hoping for an updated “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” Shania can change the lyrics to, “So, you’re Adele Dazeem, that don’t impress me much!”