Shania Twain Said She Always Packs Old Underwear to Wear While on Tour


As Shania Twain kicks off her Now Tour, we’re continuing to learn more and more about the worldwide superstar. During an interview with E!, Shania shared what she eats backstage (almonds), that she listens to music when she’s bored and that she likes to wear old underwear out on the road. Wait, what?

When discussing three things that she always packs to take on tour she said, “my own hairbrush, my own pillow and old underwear.”

The interviewer, of course, was like, “old underwear? Like, your favorite underwear?”

To explain Shania said, “yeah, like it’s been around for a while. Like, the ones you just can’t throw away. Those!”

Shania also shared that she really likes “Dumb and Dumber,” but all we can think about is her saying “old underwear” with such confidence.