Shay + Hannah Mooney’s Wedding Video Is Breathtaking


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to wedding season. I’m not sure it ever stops, but as the weather warms everyone begins to plan and prep for their perfect outdoor weddings. And, as if on cue, Shay Mooney dropped his wedding video. Because of the scale of the video and the powerful music I can’t tell if it’s a movie or actually what happened.

It looks like a flashback in an Oscar-bait movie. “We were happy once, darling. Do you remember?” *roll Shay and Hannah’s wedding tape*

They video shows a picture perfect ceremony and reception that took place in October. The wedding took place in the couple’s home state of Arkansas, set against the rolling Ozark mountains. Watching the bride escorted by her father through the verdant fields, their infant son Asher giggling, and the couple’s first look is both breathtakingly romantic and an incredible look into the life of one of our favorite musicians.

Congratulations Shay + Hannah!