Sheryl Crow Wrote a Song About Kid Rock’s Senate Run and It’s a Masterpiece


Sheryl Crow is not only a rock icon, she’s a self-aware superstar, with the comedic timing of Tina Fey.

Crow recently released a song to Facebook title, ” Dude, I’m Still Alive” all about Kid Rock’s US Senate run— kind of. The song came to life after Crow this tweet from @TunaCatsup. She shared that she laughed pretty hard at the tweet and its responses, so the song was born.

Crow starts the tune with, “If Kid Rock runs for Senate, I wouldn’t be surprised. But not over my dead body, cause dude I’m still alive” and she gets better from there. She name drops Gloria Glaynor, the Lincoln bedroom, Jeff Sessions and more. It’s the most epic political tune of the year.